The objectives of FGEU - Forschungsgesellschaft für Energie und Umwelttechnologie mbH are research, analysis and providing of information in the field of environmental protection. The main emphasis is put on the development of complete solutions, from the expert system analysis to efficient application-oriented environmental technology. Our consulting services are supported by advanced technology and innovative research enabling us to make plans for a successful future right now. Forschungsgesellschaft für Energie und Umwelttechnologie - FGEU mbH was founded in 1992. The company’s general tasks include planning, consulting services and R&D in the field of environmental protection. Most of our customers belong to industrial segments. The problems regarding EMC/EMCE have increased, and since then FGEU offers an information service and gives advice to authorities, electrical industry and utility companies. The service of FGEU mbH in this field is obvious from the following references: FGEU mbH was awarded the contract to carry out an environmental impact analysis regarding the electromagnetic compatibility of the maglev transit system "Transrapid 07". The results have been submitted as an assessment criterion to all countries participating in the urban and regional planning process. Methods of coverage are tested in selected public sectors, and the important field sources are mapped out with blanket coverage within the framework of the research project "Emission cadastre of the electric and magnetic field exposure in the city of Berlin". The project is supported by BEWAG, VEAG and by 2 of Berlin’s senate departments.

Berlin 2004, sincerely your Dr. Plotzke

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